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cryptid woodbooger hoodie clothing
Woodbooger Bigfoot clothing Angry minnow
WOODBOOGER Bigfoot Cryptid Series Hoodie - Heather Grey

WOODBOOGER Bigfoot Cryptid Series Hoodie - Heather Grey

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Woodbooger Cryptid Hoodie

You asked for it and you got it folks! We've had so many requests to create a line of Cryptid Hoodies to go with our Cryptid Hats that we just couldn't resist.

If you don't know what a Woodbooger is, they roam Southwest Virginia, a legend told to scare bad children. The Boogeyman of the Woods or Woodbooger will get you!

We just love Big Foot anything so had to have these for our Angry Minnow fans! (Plus, the name makes us laugh).

Are you looking for the perfect gift for friends and family or you? THIS might be it!

Mens Sizing S-3XL Super soft 100% Cotton

Check out our distressed Cryptid hat line including favorites such as Woodbooger, Bigfoot,  Yeti, and Chupacabra! 

Hat, tees, and hoodies sold separately 

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