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Wolfs Head Oil Flannel Art Flannel- Distressed Red- Angry Minnow Vintage
Gasoline and Oil Apparel

Wolfs Head Oil Flannel Art Flannel- Distressed Red- Angry Minnow Vintage

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Gasoline and Oil Apparel

Wolf's Head Motor Oil true vintage Americana!

Angry Minnow is proud to bring back this Eastern Pennsylvania Oil company from the early 1900's. This vintage logo was changed in the 50's due to children being scared of the logo. Available in sizes small to 2XL. Gasoline and oil Apparel

Our Angry Minnow Vintage flannels are created using the softest, brushed cotton, salt-washed for a beautiful mottled effect. This process makes for a flannel that feels like an instant favorite! We design our art panels personally, creating pieces that we love and enjoy passing on to our clients. Designs are seasonal, ever- changing so if you love it don't hesitate. Wear your personality with an Angry Minnow Vintage flannel today!

A. L. Confer established his small refinery in Reno in 1879. This was a one-man show. 

Early twentieth century gasoline production was marketed to motor vehicles under the Empire brand. Empire merged with the Wolverine Lubricants Co. of New York in 1929. Empire was renamed the Wolverine-Empire Refining Co. of Oil City. The Wolf’s Head brand name was part of the Wolverine mix and became nationally famous. The company’s name was changed to Wolf’s Head Oil Refining Co. in the fifties. Wolf’s Head sold both gasoline and lube oil under the Wolf’s Head brand.

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