Chicago Bulls Flannel by Angry Minnow Vintage

Soft Brushed Angry Minnow Flannel for the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association.
Chicago Bulls Flannel by Angry Minnow Vintage

The Chicago Bulls are one of the most historic National Basketball Franchises in the history of the League. Over the years the bulls have produced some of the most dynamic and  outstanding teams in the NBA. This basketball team increased the number of its fans thanks to its unmatched star Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest basketball player in the history of the NBA. 


The bulls and fashion go hand in hand! and supporting your favorite team in the Chicago area is a must, so why not take a beautifully designed Angry Minnow Flannel and combine it with the a Chicago icon! and there you have it!!! The officially licensed Chicago bulls Flannel from Angry Minnow Vintage.


Michael Jordan not only became an icon of the league, he also catapulted his team to world fame and recognition, greatly increasing the number of followers of this game, and of course the Chicago Bulls.


Fans of this game, the Chicago Bulls and Jordan, can find in the Angry Minnow Vintage Flannels catalog, a large number of sports flannels models with the colors and logo of their favorite basketball team.


As the red color is the main color of the Chicago Bulls, this is the color that predominates most in the designs of flannels that Angry Minnow Vintage Flannels presents. The sizes of these garments vary from adult sizes to children's sizes. And you can find designs for both men and women.


NBA fashion is present in each of the pants designs. You can opt for flannels with a checkered print and with the Chicago Bulls logo on the upper front left, and with a drawstring to adjust. You can also opt for a model with a one color print and with the team logo constantly repeated throughout the length of the piece of clothing.


On the other hand, there are also models of shorts ideal for resting comfortably or for playing sports. Imagine walking around Michigan ave and being stopped all the time! "were did you get that!" You play it cool, but you Love it! and we love making it for you! the officially licensed Chicago bulls flannel from AMV


Each and every garment that Angry Minnow Vintage Flannels designs and creates is officially licensed by the NBA league and NBA labs we make flannels for all 30  teams in that league. This guarantees that you will be wearing official Chicago Bulls models.


Visualize the different designs and choose the one of your preference. Show that you are a true fan and support your team at all times. Classic or distressed your going to love your new look!