Red White Blue Beer Hat Royal Distressed $ 32.00
Red White and Blue Beer Hat Angry Minnow Vintage These awesome vintage patches red white and Blue made in the 1960's Milwaukee area Circa. Red White and Blue beer Origins Red White and Blue beer originated in Milwaukee Wisconsin.   Angry Minnow Red White and Blue Beer Hat patches scored antiquing last summer pair perfectly with our Angry Minnow Hats! Feeling nostalgic? This would be the perfect summer hat for boating and fun! Vintage Patch/ New Hat=Coolness
Chief Oshkosh Pilsener Wisconsin Hat - Distressed Black snapback $ 32.00
Chief Oshkosh Beer hat from Wisconsin Beautiful washed black distressed snapback hat from Angry Minnow Vintage! Distressed Ball Caps These nostalgic distressed ball caps from Angry Minnow are soft and comfortable! Retro Beer Hats These washed Black snapback hat has a retro vintage look and are sure to turn heads everywhere! "where did you get that" Available in Red Distressed Snapback and Black Washed SnapBack! The perfect gift to yourself or someone special!  
Schmidt Beer Hat- Distressed Black Snapback $ 32.00
The perfect Summer hat! We found these vintage Schmidt beer patches antiquing, they are gorgeous! Sewn onto our vintage look/ new hats this will make everyone happy!  Adjustable snap back closure. The comfiest hat you will ever own!  Angry Minnow Vintage Trucker Caps
Pfeiffer Beer Patch Hat- Distressed Black Snapback Angry Minnow Vintage $ 32.00
Angry Minnow Vintage Pfeiffer Beer. A signature brand vintage look mesh baseball hat with a vintage Pfeiffer beer patch. Amazingly cool and authentic!  These old Vintage patches were found all over the USA and truly bring back the amazing memories with our Parents and Grandparents. Vintage Patch, new hat.
Chief Oshkosh Beer Hat- Distressed Red Snapback PRE ORDER $ 32.00
Chief Oshkosh Beer Hat Available in Distressed Red! Best Beer Hats Soft Comfortable Distressed Ball Cap from Angry Minnow! Distressed Beer Hats Distressed Beer hats are a iconic americana! This awesome defunkt Wisconsin beer makes a great gift or spoil yourself.   Adjustable snapback version this washed red snapback hat is sure to be a hit anywhere.
Schmidt Team Member Hat- Tri tone snapback hat $ 32.00
The PERFECT hat for ice fishing, boys/ girls weekends and general mischief! Grab your limited edition Schmidt Drinking Team hat before they are gone! Tri-tone snapback, low profile, soft and comfy. Like a favorite hat from the get-go!