Angry Minnow Vintage is located in Minneapolis Minnesota and was founded in April of 2015.

What grew from an idea to serving over one million+ customers in less than four years, Angry Minnow has shipped to every single US state and Canadian province. 

Our plan is simple. Provide unique flannel shirts-hats-tees-hoodies with a throwback and/or distressed look. We also provide the latest styles in heavier Brawny flannels giving clients three great options (Regular, Distressed and Brawny) for sporting the Angry Minnow Flannel look. 

How did we get here?

1. Direct to consumer:  We have a 17,000 sq. foot manufacturing-retail facility located at 12100 Riverwood Rd Burnsville, MN with 10 full time and 35 part time employees.  Each year we exhibit at more than 30 trade shows, fairs and music festivals across the country from The Minnesota State Fair to New York, North Carolina, Texas and Las Vegas. The Angry Minnow Vintage brand is in front of literally millions of potential clients each year. This helps place our unique apparel concept directly in front of the public and gives us immediate consumer feedback. From the cowboy/cowgirl to college students, from the business executive to the fashionista, we have something for everyone. 

2. E-commerce: As the online world continues to represent a larger and larger share of retail sales, Angry Minnow has built a dynamic responsive website fed by our extensive social media presence. We are proud of our ability to handle high traffic volumes and our seamless checkout system. Angry Minnow has grown to the largest online apparel company for retro gear in the united states.

3. High End P.O.S System: Angry Minnow has chosen the cloud based Clover system for simple, seamless transactions at the register as well as inventory management. This system ensures an ample supply of inventory and the ability to re-stock quickly backed by our in-house production capability. 

4. Staff: Angry Minnow is thankful to have some of the best employees in the world... They are Amazing!!!! Thank you team!

We love working with people, It is our passion to bring happiness and memories into our clients' lives. All of us at Angry Minnow thank you for the wonderful opportunity you have given us. 

Thank you,

Christine and Ron Carter