Minnesota Timberwolves Flannel Angry Minnow Vintage

Angry Minnow Vintage officially licensed NBA flannels-Minnesota Timberwolves
Minnesota Timberwolves Flannel Angry Minnow Vintage

Minnesota Timberwolves NBA Fashion Flannels From Angry Minnow Vintage


The latest Fashion trend for true NBA fans and especially NBA fashion, Angry Minnow Vintage Flannels brings you a whole range of sports pants designs.


Angry Minnow Vintage NBA Flannels is a company that is officially licensed by the NBA league and by each of the teams. So among its clothing options with NBA designs you can find clothes with the logo and colors of your favorite team.


Among the different pieces that you can select are the Angry Minnow Vintage Distressed Flannel a vibrant unique look for both men and Women, or the Angry Minnow Vintage Classic Flannel, this beauty offers the classic plaid flannel with the Timberwolves Frayed or Classic embroidered logo.


These unique and Fashionable AMV flannels are worn by ten’s of thousands of fans all over the US and Canada. Angry Minnow Designs its own flannels custom for college and professional sports teams. All sports flannels with the logo and the colors alluding to the Minnesota Timberwolves and other Fans of NBA teams..


One of the most attractive pieces of clothing identified with the Minnesota Timberwolves, are the flannels. These present different designs among which we can mention those of woven plaid which are 100% Cotton and 0% Polyester.


This model comes with the team logo embroidered on the left front and with a drawstring at the waist to adjust it. The design includes the colors of the NBA team and also comes in solid color fabric for the most conservative.


You can also find flannels with the Minnesota Timberwolves logo, in navy or light blue and with different logo presentations. Likewise, you will be able to select among all the standard sizes of pants to wear the right piece of clothing to fit whatever mood or style your desiring.


Angry Minnow Vintage Flannels also features flannels designs for girls. For fans of the Minnesota Timberwolves of the NBA, there are also many different designs.


Casual at home or out on the tow, both men and boys and women and girls can choose to wear and sport the AMV flannels with the Minnesota Timberwolves logo and colors. This model is much more comfortable and is ideal for sports or just to be at home.


Enjoy Minnesota Timberwolves NBA fashion flannels, and wear the colors of your favorite basketball team every time you want.


Angry Minnow Vintage is Officially Licensed by the NBA through NBA labs.