Los Angeles Lakers Flannels Angry Minnow Vintage Clothing Co.

Los Angeles Lakers Beautifully Designed Flannel by Angry Minnow Vintage. Visit our website to explore the most beautifully designed and comfortable flannels in the world!
Los Angeles Lakers Flannels Angry Minnow Vintage Clothing Co.

Los Angeles Lakers NBA Fashion by Flannels Angry Minnow 


One of the teams with the most fans in the NBA league is the Los Angeles Lakers. Lakers fans support the lakers like no other fans in the NBA, the fans love players from Kobe to Magic, the lakers fans adore the hometown players unconditionally, and one way to show their support is by wearing NBA fashion alluding to their favorite team, and we are so happy to present the AMV flannel to the laker nation!


To provide different options of clothing pieces to this large following, Angry Minnow Vintage Flannels provides a vast repertoire of clothing. The clothing designs from AMV are licensed by the NBA and each of the basketball teams have the official license of the league, so you can be sure that you will wear official designs.


The various pieces of clothing created by Angry Minnow Vintage Flannels are aimed at audiences of all ages. From sizes for boys and girls, to men and women. Every fan, regardless of age, will be able to wear the colors and logo of their team in the case of the Los Angeles Lakers the AMV flannel is the perfect fit to sport your true love of the lakers!


There are countless designs and models of the pieces of clothing that you can wear to support your team. These options include short-sleeved plaid shirts. These shirts are made of 100% cotton fabric, and the squares combine the colors purple and yellow, which are the main colors of the Lakers. As an added touch, the team logo is embroidered on the shirt pocket on the front.


Other models of short-sleeved shirts, including the Los Angeles Lakers logo on the right sleeve.


For girls, there are a number of flannel T-Shirt models with feminine design and team colors. These flannels also feature the Lakers logo in different presentations, such as in a beautiful designed logo size on the back and patch sleeve on the side.


AMV offers our Classic flannel as well as our distressed, both our hugely popular all over the Country.


Select from the various models and clothing designs of the Los Angeles Lakers, and wear the official fashion of the NBA in each game of your favorite team.


Visit www.angryminnowvintage.com and learn more about our love for the NBA and many other licensed clothing in our online store. AMV is licensed by the US forestry department "Smokey Bear" as well as many universities all over the country.