Angry Minnow Baseball Hats

Angry Minnow Baseball Hats

Our vintage find patches on new baseball caps, so cool! Angry Minnow Baseball hats available on line in a variety of colors.

Meticulously sourced from beer collectors, antique shows, and auctions, these vintage patches are the perfect thing paired with our signature line of Angry Minnow Hats! A little bit of old and new, nostalgia and modern cool.

Distressed Ball Caps

Soft and Comfortable Distressed Ball caps designed and made for the ball cap lover! a multitude of distressed colors!


Stretch Fit Ball Caps

Beautiful Distressed Stretch Fit Ball Caps available in sizes m-2xxl designed by Angry Minnow!


Non Distressed Ball Caps

Angry Minnow Vintage Non Distressed Ball Caps are super soft and unique but without the distressing!

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