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Hamm's Football Bear Flannel- Classic Black/ Grey

Hamm's Football Bear Flannel- Classic Black/ Grey

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Hamm's Beer Football Bear Flannels

Angry Minnow Vintage Hamm's Football Bear flannels are here! Growing up in Minnesota we loved watching Hamm's tv ads, that Hamm's beer jingle was a catchy tune! We found this incredible Hamm's patch on our antiquing travels, and with permission through our Hamm's Licensing agreement are able to bring back. Hamm's Beer Football Bear Flannels

Our Angry Minnow Vintage flannels are created using the softest, brushed cotton, this process makes for a flannel that feels like an instant favorite! 

Hamm's Beer Apparel

We design our own signature plaids, evoking the classic patterns from the past, creating pieces that we love and enjoy passing on to our clients. Designs are seasonal, ever-changing so if you love it don't hesitate. Hamm's Beer Apparel

Wear your personality with an Angry Minnow Vintage flannel today!

Mens sizing S-2XL

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Such great quality. Love it!


i'm a shopaholic when it comes to logos from the past. you can imagine how many harley jackets i have. when i saw this website with licensed actual logos from the '60s (when i was a kid) i went nuts. authentic logos from my growing up past! i immediately got the Hamm's bear which arrived days ago. i don't think the pictures do the flannel shirts justice, they actually fit very true to size and nicely (flannels often are overly sized). this is an amazing connection to a world that no longer exists and done superbly. my only request is that my clothing color palette is darker colors and some of the coolest logos (love that intl harvester!) are only available in certain colors. pleeeeze make it possible to custom order any logo in any color. anyway, i love my new Hamm's football logo black plaid!

Jim Sieverding
Classic black/gray Hamms football flannel

Loved my first heavy flannel Hamm's football so much I had to purchase the black/gray lighter weight flannel. Received many comments and inquiries of where I purchased. Gave them the info for Angry Minnow Vintage so you should be receiving new orders from others.
I did have issues with 2 buttons falling off the left cuff and 1 about to fall off the right but I love the overall shirt so I still gave you 5 stars. I will have to sew buttons back on so please check all buttons prior to shipping.
I just sent in another order for 2 more shirts you have advertised.
Keep up the great work!

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