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Hamm's Hockey Bear Flannel- Classic Red Plaid

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Hamm's Beer Hockey Bear Flannel

Hamm's Beer Hockey Bear Flannels are here! Growing up in Minnesota we loved watching Hamm's tv ads, that Hamm's beer jingle was a catchy tune! We found this incredible Hamm's patch on our antiquing travels, and with permission through our Hamm's Licensing agreement are able to bring back. Hamm's Beer Hockey Bear Flannel!

Vintage Style Flannel Hamm's Hockey Bear

Our Angry Minnow Vintage flannels are created using the softest, brushed cotton, this process makes for a flannel that feels like an instant favorite! Vintage Style Flannel Hamm's Hockey Bear!

Hamm's Beer Flannel Hockey Bear

We design our own signature plaids, evoking the classic patterns from the past, creating pieces that we love and enjoy passing on to our clients. Designs are seasonal, ever-changing so if you love it don't hesitate. Hamm's Beer Flannel Hockey Bear!

Wear your personality with an Angry Minnow Vintage flannel today!

Mens sizing S-3XL

Hamm's Hockey Bear flannels are available in a multitude of colors- all sold in separate listings.

•We do not pay for shipping on returns and exchanges. Thank you for your understanding• 


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